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It makes sense that such a great player would have a talented son, but Marcus also discovers that there is some sort of family secret and Charlie seems to be at the center of it.

Gordon Korman

That's hardly a spoiler, but there's a lot more to the ending and it's a surprise. The team was undefeated last year, only graduated two seniors, and the coach has no desire to introduce a new player into the mix.

All of the YA stuff is as mild as it gets. He has wrapped a tremendous amount into this Pop gordon korman novel. Pop By Marlow on Jan 12, My grandson age 15 who is a sports person loved reading this book.

About Swindle Swindle is the first of three books in a series about a sixth grader named Griffin Bing. In each book Griffin or his friends get "swindled" by someone out of something valuable to them. Without any regular schedule or plan, they start working out together in the park.

The previous fall, back in Olathe, Marcus had been the record-setting star quarterback on the JV squad. It's no big loss in the dad department considering he refers to his father as Comrade Stalin.

Korman has a knack for putting out books with teenage boys finding themselves in self discovery mode. I read anything by Gordon Korman--he's an amazing writer--but this is by far my favorite of his many sports books.

This book has it all sports, girl friends, drama. Charlie a middle aged man and Marcus meet in a park playing football. Gordon Korman was born on October 23, in Montreal, Canada. Marcus notices that when he and Charlie leave the park to grab a Gatorade or a bag of ice to ice down an injury, Charlie simply grabs what they need from a local store and leaves without paying a cent.

He is attempting some passing practice when a burly, middle-aged guy shows up and sprints into the park and picks off one of his passes. Charlie's son is the quarter back of the high school varsity football team and he is not the biggest fan of Marcus.

He has written three books for the 39 Clues series. He's planning to try out for the varsity team at his new high school in Kennesaw, a team that completed a perfect championship season last year.

At the local park, Charlie now middle-aged befriends a young man named Marcus who is new to town and getting in shape for football season.

Pop by Gordon Korman (2009, Hardcover)

Alyssa is the flirtatious head cheerleader with a passion for football and a head for the game.Gordon Korman Favorites include the New York Times #1 bestseller The 39 Clues: One False Note, The Juvie Three, Son of the Mob, Born to Rock, and Schooled.

Though he didn't play football in high school, Gordon's been a lifelong fan and season ticket holder. Gordon Korman (born October 23, ) is a Canadian American author. Korman has written over 80 children's and young adult fiction books.

Korman has sold more than 28 million books over a career spanning three decades and has appeared at number one on The New York Times Best Seller list. Get this from a library!


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[Gordon Korman] -- Lonely after a midsummer move to a new town, sixteen-year-old high-school quarterback Marcus Jordan becomes friends with a retired professional linebacker who is great at training him, but whose.

Gordon Korman's acclaimed and timely YA novel explores the dangerous side of high school sports. Marcus is new in town and is hoping to make the championship high school football team, but it seems like a closed club, run by current star Troy.

Gordon Korman is a clever storyteller (the title alone provides fun discussion fodder: King of Pop, one son’s deadbeat absent Pop, another son slowly losing his Pop), so you’ll enjoy it for the story for sure, but the final lesson you’re left with is football can and will kill you.

Read POP by Gordon Korman and Nick Podehl by Gordon Korman and Nick Podehl by Gordon Korman, Nick Podehl for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android When Marcus moves to a new town in the dead of summer, he doesn't know a soul.

Pop gordon korman
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