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Rewrite is produced by 8-bit, a studio full of talentless hacks who'd be better off cleaning toilets for a living.

At least the first few episodes were somewhat interesting, in the same way that watching two trains collide is interesting, but the later story arc is just so mediocre that it has little to no draw to it whatsoever, making it hard for me to believe that this was supposedly written by Romeo Tanaka.

He's an intentional blank slate throughout most of the game's first half, really growing into his own during the second one. I will also be going easy on spoilers for anything beyond episode one, so don't be afraid to read this, even if you haven't seen the show yet, which I strongly advise against anyway.

This is helped by the comedic timing being pretty decent most of the time. Sure, I too am aware that she acted that way during Harvest festa! The rankings were at No. Why should I care about the Occult Club disbanding when they have done approximately five things together that got about twenty minutes of screen time at the most?

But can you honestly have faith in that? So, what is Rewrite? This is comparable to being served a steak at McDonald's Drive-Thru, it just feels like a waste. It includes various improvements and revisions to the scenario led by Romeo Tanaka, and additional illustrations not in the original game.

Okay, time to be honest: Furthermore, the 2D models aren't consistent, especially when shown in wide shots, the facial expressions look bad and sometimes objects just disappear between cuts. Visual novels have a ton of different tracks as they are long reads with a lot of different scenes that are almost all considerable in length and have different tones to convey.

Auctions in July foryen. You aren't really able to commit to one specific route, seeing how that will eliminate too many of the elements that you want to show off, but on the other hand just throwing stuff into the metaphorical cooking pot and putting it on the stove will hardly result in something edible.

The show never manages to create any kind of flow. Speaking of the characters: Not as long as the same people are in charge of the project. Still not quite what I wanted to say.

Rewrite talks a great deal about the importance of friendship and bonds, but if these bonds are developed only partially, in a rushed fashion or even not at all, then they hold no worth whatsoever. Adaptations are made with different goals in mind.

Eight of the main characters from Rewrite have background music leitmotifs —the six heroines, Haruhiko Yoshino and Sakuya Ohtori. The anime never manages to create the feeling that something valuable has been lost here.

The art lacks detail and looks cheap as a result, especially by standards. Not only is she a nothing character in this, but the set-up of her individual story being the most eye-rolling cliched thing ever amnesia certainly doesn't help.

It's not something you can just rush through and still get the point.


You know what could have saved this series? This had way too much dumb comedy, it didn't balance out at all. His choices just make no sense in the context of the story since we have no inner monologue to connect the dots.

Tonokawa wrote Chihaya's and Sizuru's routes, and Ryukishi07 wrote Lucia's story.What is anime-planet?. Founded in as the first anime & manga recommendation database.

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The first volume of a Windows visual novel, titled Okaken Katsudō Kiroku Gaiden (オカ研活動記録外伝, Occult Club Activity Log Side Story), was released with the fourth DVD and Blu-ray compilation volume for the Rewrite anime series on December 21, Founded in as the first anime & manga recommendation database.

Create lists for what you've seen & read, watch over 40, legal streaming episodes online via Crunchyroll, Hulu & Viki, and meet other anime fans just like you/10(K).

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